Continuing Education Accreditation Information

SECO encourages attendees to read course descriptions thoroughly and choose the education that best meets their professional needs. SECO also recommends that attendees be familiar with licensing requirements for any licenses that they possess.

Course Admission

SECO distributes to attendees course admission tickets to gain entrance to each course selected. At the conclusion of each course attendees will turn in their ticket. Their Verification of Attendance voucher, which is a physical receipt of attendance for the course, will be available for download/print within an hour after the course ends.

All continuing education courses are strictly monitored to comply with licensing board regulations for accreditation and within The Optometric Guidelines for Independent Continuing Education. Attendees who fail to comply with attendance requirements during a course will not receive continuing education credit for that course.


Attendance requirements include:

  1. An attendee must present a SECO name badge and a course admission ticket to the door monitor to gain entrance to the course.
  2. Once the course begins, an attendee may not be absent from the course for a cumulative time in excess of 10 minutes.
  3. Upon exiting the course at its conclusion, the attendee will turn in the course ticket to the door monitor.
  4. The Verification of Attendance Voucher will be available for download/print within an hour after the course ends either online or at an on-site kiosk.

As a courtesy to fellow attendees, children are not permitted to attend education events. Click here for more information on available childcare services.

PLEASE NOTE: Approved courses are indicated in both descriptions and Day-At-A-Glance spreadsheets. If accreditation for a course or workshop has been submitted, but is not known at press time, SECO will indicate this with an asterisk (*).Please read the course descriptions carefully to be certain of those that are approved and those that are pending.


Reporting Attendance

SECO International reports continuing education attendance for attendees (who provide their license information exactly as it appears on their license) to licensing organizations within 60 days post-event. For attendees who provide their license information, SECO International will report continuing education attendance to the state licensing optometry boards of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Additionally, SECO International will report continuing education attendance to any state licensing optometry board upon request.


North Carolina
The North Carolina board of Optometry requires all optometrists holding licenses in North Carolina to submit to the board their SECO attendance information. § 90 123.1. Continuing education courses required. (


An optometrist applying for the renewal of his license, shall furnish to the Arkansas State Board of Optometry satisfactory evidence that he obtained no less than twelve (12) clock hours of post-graduate education in a course, or courses, previously designated or approved by the Board, in the year just preceding such application for the renewal of his or her license. All out of state C.E. must be COPE (Council on Optometric Practitioner Education) approved. (


Council on Optometric Practitioner Education (COPE)
All Optometric Continuing Education courses, with the exception of the Symposium Series are COPE approved.

ARBO Optometric Education Tracker Identification (OE Tracker)
ARBO only accepts attendance records that are associated with a valid OE Tracker number; attendees who wish to have their continuing education attendance reported to ARBO MUST provide to SECO their OE Tracker number upon registering to attend the SECO event. SECO will not submit attendance information to ARBO without a valid OE Tracker number. Attendees who do not know their OE Tracker number, or wish to learn more about the OE Tracker number, may visit or call ARBO at (704) 970-2710.


Florida CE Broker
For Florida-licensed professionals who provide their license information exactly as it appears on their license (beginning with OP or OPC for optometrists and DO for opticians), SECO will report continuing education attendance to CE Broker. SECO will not submit attendance information to CE Broker without a valid Florida license number. SECO International's CE Provider number for CE Broker is 50-1731. Attendees may visit for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: SECO recommends attendees personally verify the accuracy of their continuing education attendance upon receiving from SECO International a verification of attendance summary letter. Not all licensing boards or accrediting agencies store continuing education attendance records for licensed professionals; therefore, SECO recommends that attendees keep verification of attendance vouchers for three years. SECO encourages attendees to be familiar with the continuing education attendance reporting requirements of any professional licenses that they possess.


Certifying Agents-Allied Ophthalmic Professionals

SECO International makes every effort to secure accreditation for education courses/workshops as appropriate through ABO, AOA-Paraoptometric Section, JCAHPO, and NCLE. SECO does not guarantee that a licensing board or certifying organization will accept any course presented during the SECO event. SECO encourages attendees to review and understand the requirements for any licensing agencies to which education attendance may be reported.


American Optometric Association – Council on Paraoptometric Certification (AOA-CPC)

The AOA-CPC certifies Paraoptometrics; professionals working under the direct supervision of a licensed optometrist. AOA provides computer-based certification examinations. Contact the AOA for exam dates and locations at Ph. (800) 365-2219
To download a FREE copy of the Certified Paraoptometric Handbooks, visit


American Board of Opticianry (ABO) & National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE)

The ABO certifies opticians; those who dispense and work with spectacles. The NCLE certifies ophthalmic dispensers; those who fit and work with contact lenses. ABO and NCLE provide certification exams twice a year. ABO administers the National Opticianry Competency Examination (NOCE) which is spectacle related.  NCLE administers the Contact Lens Registry Examination (CLRE) for certification in contact lens dispensing. To learn more about certifications and exam dates contact ABO-NCLE at  (703) 719-5800

PLEASE NOTE: Allied Ophthalmic Professionals must complete a course evaluation form for ABO (Blue) and NCLE (Goldenrod) courses and return it to the room monitor to be stamped in order to receive credit for attending a course.


Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO)

JCAHPO certifies ophthalmic allied health professionals. Ph. (651) 731-2944 For information on the JCAHPO certification exams, visit


PLEASE NOTE: All lectures, workshops and distance learning (electronic and print media with a post-test) being reviewed by JCAHPO will be classified as either Group A or Group B. Group A are topics included in CE categories of the JCAHPO certification packet. Group B topics are related to ophthalmic medical assisting, but not included in CE categories.


Georgia Board of Dispensing Opticians

The Board reviews applications, administers examinations, licenses qualified applicants and regulates the practice of the licensees throughout the state Dispensing opticians can be considered for licensure after meeting specific educational or work experience requirements and examination. Ph.(478) 207-2440

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